Be strong

Sometimes in life, unfortunate things we never prayed for, wished nor even solicited for always come to us. And they tend to put us in uncomfortable moods, making us to feel unease with life and incite psychological illness. These misfortunes could be in varying forms such as loss of an asset or a valued person … More Be strong

Well Fed Slave

Wed Fed slave… Late Lucky Dube, during his lifetime did a song with the title ” Well fed slave, Hungry free man”. In the song, he asked ” if you wanna be a well fed slave or a hungry free man?”. which he did to criticize the hardship people are facing in the society. Taking … More Well Fed Slave

Forgive Yourself

Have you found yourself in this situation, where after involving yourself in an incident, actions or What you could have done but you end up feeling bad, wishing you hadn’t done so or involved yourself in the act, wishing you should have taken the other option which should be without a remorse. At that point, … More Forgive Yourself