Momma’s Words

I sat on a stool that evening outside in the verandah facing my mother as to hear what she called to tell me before taking my leave to the city the following morning. “Tobechukwu,” she again called me after she had inquired from me about my departure time. “Please my son, when you get there, … More Momma’s Words

Be Good, anyway

It’s not easy surviving in the world and it’s hasn’t been easy. Nature had its own fair play that it didn’t make everyone the same. Everyone does not see things the same way neither do people act or behave the same. No matter the way it’s thought, men can’t and won’t be the same. The … More Be Good, anyway

Why Do It?😐

”Hey, what are you doing here and what’s that in your hands.” A police operative questioned me. He had caught me with a lighted wrap of marijuana. Knowing the fully the penalty for my act, I tried to run but his reaction was fast. And before i could make some steps away, his hands had … More Why Do It?😐

Be strong

Sometimes in life, unfortunate things we never prayed for, wished nor even solicited for always come to us. And they tend to put us in uncomfortable moods, making us to feel unease with life and incite psychological illness. These misfortunes could be in varying forms such as loss of an asset or a valued person … More Be strong