What You Focus on Expands – Stay Positive!

By Tolulope Popoola

What You Focus on Expands

Have you heard the phrase “What You Focus on Expands”? It’s one of those phrases that jumped out at me recently, and I decided to incorporate it into my mindset practice, and guess what? I’ve found it to be true! When I’m focusing on challenges and problems, they seem to rapidly multiply (ugh!) making things look worse. But when I focus on things that are going well, and things that I’m grateful for, I seem to have more things to be happy about!

So what does this mean? It means that you have to be deliberate about the thoughts you allow to settle and replay in your mind over and over again. The issue is, most of us are in negative mode almost by default. We tend to minimise or overlook the good things we have, and maximise the problems. Even on the news, we hear more bad stuff than good stuff. So it will take conscious effort to break that pattern, and start focusing on good more than bad.

Let’s try these tips:
◾When you notice annoying qualities in other people, pause and think about their good qualities instead.
◾If you want wellness, talk and think about all the things that are working on your body.
◾If the bills are piling up, instead of lamenting and saying “there’s no money” say, “I’m grateful that I was able to afford (something) today.”
◾If you hate your job, stop talking (or thinking) about how miserable you are. Instead, start talking about what you love to do. You might notice a new job opportunity presenting itself!

I have to admit that it takes time and continuous practice to change this thought pattern though (especially when I’m stuck in Lagos traffic and I just want to get to my destination – lol!). But the benefits are totally worth it. What will you start focusing on from now?


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