Be Good, anyway

It’s not easy surviving in the world and it’s hasn’t been easy. Nature had its own fair play that it didn’t make everyone the same. Everyone does not see things the same way neither do people act or behave the same. No matter the way it’s thought, men can’t and won’t be the same.

The fact that you are good and abhors evil, doesn’t guarantee that everyone else ought to be like you. No, people must have their own side to a particular things, the different angles and perspective to which these things are seen makes us humans – imperfect beings. Everyone mustn’t act right the same time.

Being good is subject to choice and besides, a trait that ought to be exhibited by many if not all. People behaving the way they do, can be attributed to happenings or circumstances surrounding or before them. But that doesn’t mean that evil should be watered to grow or that people should choose for themselves, what seems good to them or for them to do not minding the effect it will have on another. No, evil shouldn’t be encouraged. It shouldn’t be allowed to go on.

You do good, and you are repaid with evil. You try to please others, only to get hardship in return. You give out help but got ingratitude for a payment.

Not being paid back or better than the measure that was given out. Do do speak good of a man? How good does it sound to the ear? What of the feelings around it nko? They never represent a nice society, a good and promising world. No it doesn’t.

Not minding all these ill treatments, life must go on no matter what. Be it good or a bad situation, man have to survive.

But how should it be done?

Selena Gomez would say “kill them with kindness.”
Some others too would add ”kill them with success.”

No matter the way you choose to do it, Be Good Anyway that’s what have I for you.

Live right 👉
Love ❤ from Onyebuchi Obidimaru


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