Why Do It?😐

”Hey, what are you doing here and what’s that in your hands.” A police operative questioned me. He had caught me with a lighted wrap of marijuana. Knowing the fully the penalty for my act, I tried to run but his reaction was fast. And before i could make some steps away, his hands had gripped hard on me. I was handcuffed and kept in detention for some days. It was elder brother who came over to plead for my release.

“Where were you caught?” My brother asked sternly with his gaze fixed to me.
“In the woods.” I shamefully replied with my head bent. I had again misappropriated the trust he had bestowed upon me.
“You went as far to the woods leaving the house and the things therein just to smoke. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You are involved in something you can’t even own up to and defend. Something you can’t stand up to speak for. You went to the woods so that no eye can see you. You hide because you are not proud of it. You stay away to avoid being caught and perhaps criminalised. You run to the woods because even your conscience condemns it. It’s not good that’s why you choose to do it when everyone is out.

See nothing is worth spending your time on , if it will eventually lead to no where. Leaving you later to be penalisedΒ  by your conscience or worse still, authorities greater than you.” He concluded with the advice.

Live right πŸ‘‰
Love from Onyebuchi Obidimaru


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