Hey 🙋 stop that..

Everyone does things to please himself or to satisfy he, who have sent him. That’s to say that there is a motive behind every action undertaken by anyone. The motives can either be good or evil. The evil one is a NO NO for any society that wants to progress. But that’s seems to be the one most people clings to.

No wonder Mary Wollstonecraft wrote that “No man chooses evil because it’s evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.”

But have you ever taken time to consider or think of the effects of your actions on other people or even to yourself. How they feel or you feel pertaining to your activities. Hey, stop that if it’s not for the good of the general society.

Take for example, suicide bombers, they kill themselves and most times others. These people that they have killed or they, themselves could have been a great asset to the world.

What of those who are humiliated because of their mistakes, their standards or even for their status in life. You derives pleasure from seeing them cry. Don’t you?

See, I tell you ill gotten pleasure does no one any good.

For I was told that “anything one does in this life, be it good or bad, always have its implications.”

I recall an experience, when I was involved in a heated argument with a woman in my neighbourhood, over what I would refer to as a ‘stupid issue’. I was at fault but was just trying to prove myself right. The lady was like ‘see, this thing you just did is wrong. You should have done it the other way round.’ I picked up quarrel with her for faulting my style.

In the process, I got to know that she had a job offer for me but was surprised when she went ahead to offer me the job not minding the behaviour I displayed before her. According to her, she did it because she knew who my mother was and that my mom had been good to her.

My bad attitude would have ruined my chance of getting that job, if not for her good spirited heart and my mother’s past good involvement with her which was what she looked on.

“Be careful of the acts you do today because they might turn against you tomorrow.”

Why not adjust your ways, change from your bad characters and stop promoting evil deeds. Don’t being a kill joy who does like to see others happy. Together we can make our society a better place for us all.

Live right 👉
Love from Obidimaru Onyebuchi


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