Addict! Addicted!! Addiction!!!


Have found yourself in a condition where you see yourself repeating a particular act over a period of time that it now seems to be a part of you? You can’t imagine yourself going without it a day or your “Addictive routine” – period of time you involve yourself into the said act. Know ye that you’re an addict to that act.
Just like food, I can’t imagine myself taking a particular type of diet continually. It feels so bored and awkward. So I ask ” how do you feel repeating or doing this particular act over and over again. Don’t you feel bored as well?”.
Addiction to any particular act can dangerous to the life of the addict as I was told that “too much of anything isn’t good”. And besides, one thing, they say leads to another. When you are addicted to one habit it might lead you to the addiction of another which may be a worse habit than the former one.
Let’s not discuss the reason behind the addiction. I assume that you may be doing it for pleasure sake or just to show off, all I know is that what is bad is worth condemnable. There is no need christening a bad habit since it still possesses the same traits it’s being known for.
It’s so unfortunate that you have made the act your ‘boss’. The holy bible too says that “one is a slave to anything that has conquered him..”.  You’re a slave in the sense that you are no longer in control of yourself. You don’t get to be yourself anytime you don’t indulge in such an act.
Not minding the spell that you’ve found yourself in, you can still unbind yourself from the chains addiction have enslaved you with. Here are some few tips to help you..
To start, you have to make up your mind and decide to put an end to the act. Without you believing in yourself that you can push forward, you aren’t nearing the end of your trauma.

One thing is to make a decision and another is to put it into practice. Again, you have try as much as possible to cut off or avoid the things, places or persons that may incite you into it going back to your past. Try your possible best to surround yourself with people of good conduct that would regulate you.
Try taking up new adventures and get yourself busy with productive activities that would take your mind off your past.


Live right 👉
Love ❤ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi


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