How much do you appreciate me?

“Go out there and show them that you love them more than us”. Toyin muttered bitterly as she made her way to door.

Toyin, that’s my wife’s name, a beautiful young woman. She has got all I prayed for in a wife. She is loving, caring and has been faithful to me ever since I married her.

This is the woman that sacrificed her happiness for me. She is now tired and fed up with of my attitude. She can’t take it any longer. She is heading to the door.

I’m the one at fault and can’t just say what’s wrong with me. I’m about losing a major part of me, the one that means the whole world to me. What was meant to be one is about going in parts. The bond that joins us together is now breaking loose.

Why should I blame her when all the faults are all from my side. Who wouldn’t act the same way, When you end up being treated like a fool by someone you show your love, care and appreciation to.

This isn’t me, I can remember. I was that good, caring and loving man every lady would wish to have by her side. It’s been long since I played the role she had known me for. I beat her up at any slightest provocation and force her to my own rule because I’m the man. I do and behave the way I like, who’s she to challenge me when I’m in charge?.

The children is also at the receiving end of my actions. Their characters towards me has been unusual lately. They always feel timid and frightened when talking to me. I’m treated like a visitor in my own house. That shouldn’t be so. I can’t remember the last time I sat with them not to mention of playing nor exchanging experiences with them.

Now, the mighty is about going down. What then should be my fate  now that my possessions can’t attract the hearts of my children and more importantly my woman. Where am I to step my feet again?

The words she let out got to me. I know how much she cares about me but how much have I been able to reciprocate?


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