Be strong

Sometimes in life, unfortunate things we never prayed for, wished nor even solicited for always come to us. And they tend to put us in uncomfortable moods, making us to feel unease with life and incite psychological illness.

These misfortunes could be in varying forms such as loss of an asset or a valued person in your life. They could be in form of diseases, let downs or disappointments from trusted persons.

We doesn’t feel good when we encounter these things in life. Sometimes, it always seems to us  like the world has come to an end. We even get this feeling that we can’t get to overcome them, that the end has come for us and all our hopes have been shattered.

No matter how hard the challenges you are facing is or how sick 😷 you have gotten from thinking about this situation you have found yourself, I write to encourage you and bring hope to you. Be strong and never be in despair. For ” No matter how deep a wound is, its pain won’t endure forever “.

There is something thing about unfortunate situation anytime it occur. It tends to change the condition of the affected person.  Either it transforms you to be better in life or it worsen your life condition.

It’s now left for us to choose the direction to follow. The choice we make will determine our position in life in the future. The ball is now in our court, decide which to opt for whether to allow the wind of our circumstances to carry us or be strong and overcome the effect of the wind.

Live right 👉
Love ❤ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi


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