You Are So Much More

By Bimpe Alafe



Don’t you think you are strong enough? You are actually. Ladies, if no one has told you today, tomorrow, or yesterday I want to tell it to you. You are smart, beautiful, strong, wonderful, fierce, delicate, and worthy of the love you give. Don’t ever let others determine your worth. You are a queen. You were born one and will die one. Don’t ever forget that.

Your “imperfections” aren’t imperfections. The world is just a judgmental fucked place. Your weight, facial features, disabilities (mental and physical) do not deter your worth. Nothing does. You are a masterpiece. A uniquely made masterpiece that belongs in this museum called earth.

As women, we are meant to break down walls and shake the world… And that’s what we do. Don’t ever let anyone stand in your way of taking what you want. Don’t ever let someone belittle you. Don’t ever base your worth off someone else’s opinion. Sit on your throne and wear that heavy crown with pride. You deserve love, you deserve happiness, you deserve to be treated right. Don’t forget these things.

Love yourself, because no one can ever love you better than you love yourself. You’re meant for great things, even if you don’t know it yet. I just want you to know if someone brought you down today if those few pounds ended up a sea of your tears if someone made you feel like a grain of salt when you are a mountain of magnificence.Or those days where your heart is a dark place and your mind is gone, and you’re asking someone, anyone for strength, for guidance, for help.

I WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND YOU ARE PERFECT. You are exactly who and what you should be. You are more than you may ever know, but I know. You are a diamond, you will never fade and will always shine. Remember this. Remember that your Kingdom is made up of all the perfect, brave, and strong parts of you. Stay royal.  Forever may you reign. All the love.

You are more than you can ever be. Every day and in every way your life is getting better and better..


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