The Ungrateful Jackdaw

The ungrateful jackdaw


“Gratitude is the least of all virtue and ingratitude is worst of all vice” they said.
I watched as my niece (toddler) tried to stand. It wasn’t easy for her at first as she tried to do it on her own. But she succeed when she crawled to a table and held to it before she could stand.
Some days later, I noticed that whenever she stands to walk, she comes back to that particular table, scratching on it. “Maybe that’s her own way of appreciation. Thanking the table for being there for her when she needed it”, I thought to myself.
It then dawned on me on how ungrateful I had been. It never occurred to me that I should thank and show at least a sign of gratitude for the helps I have received from people. Those who scarified their time and resources for me. Those who served as edges and were up to see me stand. Especially those who were there in my trying times.
Now I have fallen apart with my employers and have got no one to turn to. The ladder I used to climb up have been destroyed by my ingratitude.
Live right 👉.
Love ❤ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi.


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