The Christmas Present 🎁

The Christmas present 🎁

“Onyebuchi!!” Auntie Monica called when she saw me strolling the street on 26th December. ” you have run away from us, hope all is well 😊???
Auntie Monica was like a mom to me when I moved into the city newly. She made sure I wasn’t lacking anything both morally and otherwise.
“Emmm emmm” I stammered with my face down as the weight of my sin have been drawn to me. I tried to speak again but couldn’t and she saw how puzzled I was asked me what the problem was.
“Please forgive me Ma, it’s just that I don’t normally have chance” I answered trying to redeem myself.
Her facially expression changed as she heard those words. I should have kept mum I thought to myself because the look on her face wasn’t the one I have known her for.
It was at that point that she unleashed the Christmas present 🎁 she had personally picked for me. I always trust her on that cause she never fails when it comes to surprises.
“I know who how you used to be”, she began. ” I guess pride have come inside of you. You now regard us as commoners because you think we are not of the same level or status with you. You have gotten what you all wanted then, now you have forgotten where it all started for you. Those who were with you when you were nobody have all been erased from your mind. Those who helped you and pushed you up are now being looked down on.
You were so good before, now that you should have been an example to others, you just allowed your yourself to waned.
You were so down to earth but it seems like pads have been fixed to your shoulders. Well, you better retrace your steps before it will be too late to do so. Also remember that Pride goes before a Fall”.
Live right 👉
Love from Obidimaru Onyebuchi.

Merry Christmas And Happy Celebration.


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