You can do anything you set your mind to

By Debbie Larry-Izamoje


Like most people, I went to sleep the night before the U.S. elections; fully expectant that Hillary Clinton was going to be the first female president of America. I really didn’t bother to follow the updates; based on societal standards the winner was clear to me. I mean she fit the books right? Former first lady, U.S. senator for more than 7 years and secretary of state. You would think that people would pick a person with enviable experience over a man with no political experience. But yet again the unexpected happened and 2016 has proven to us that she really is full of surprises. So while social media goes haywire over the results, I cant help but do a little research on Donald Trump and garner business and life lessons from him.

Seek Out Opportunities And Take Risks Trump is a fantastic businessman. He is one of the world’s most successful billionaire’s and I believe he handled his campaign like he handles his companies. Seeking opportunities and going after them relentlessly. I recall him saying “I spent my entire life in business, looking at the untapped potential of projects and people throughout the world”. I can’t help but think that the key to success is studying your clients, competitors and their relationship and developing a totally different approach to satisfying your client’s needs. Taking risks introduces you to your strengths and teaches you valuable lessons, which prepare you for the next phase of your career. Success does not fall on your laps, well most times it doesn’t! How many people became successful by playing it safe?

Dwell On Your Strength, If you have a dream you desperately want to achieve, you need to dwell on your strengths and stop worrying about your weaknesses. Your strengths will aid your journey to success. It is your job to build on your strengths, to make your talents or gifts known to the world till people become believers of whatever message you are preaching. If you do have weaknesses that seem like stumbling blocks, the solution is to surround yourself with people who can complement you. So for example if you are starting a business with no work experience, the first person you hire should typically be someone who is an expert in his or her field.

Stand Firmly In What You Believe, I believe we can all agree that during the campaign period of the US elections, Trump was very clear about his values, disregarding people’s opinions or perception of him. Of all past presidential elections, this election will not be forgotten because of some of trumps controversial statements, but guess where that took him? It is always better to be clear about your values. You cannot have everyone on your team, and the earlier in life you know those on your team, the better for you. Sometimes in the business world, it is not the quality of product being sold that matters but how that product is marketed and messaged to its target audience. Like my father will say, the beauty of the aero-plane is that it goes against the wind, relating this to life, no matter what obstacles seem to come your way, stay focused on your goal map and keep flying higher till you rise against all the chaos.

In everything you aim to achieve think of this “ what is my strategy going in, who do I have on my team that will aid achieving this goal? How prepared am I for this? Results are what matter, you must believe in your results, if you don’t believe in yourself, you will find it difficult to make others believe in you. If Donald Trump can be the president of America with no previous political experience, you can be anything you want to be once you set your mind to it and chase your goal unapologetically. Do not let anyone put doubts in your mind about your goals, not even the voices in your own head. In his book think like a champion, Donald states that he has learnt that life is a series of discoveries and that people have different ways of achieving results, but once you learn what works for you, work at it tirelessly And so I conclude this article with a quote from Donald Trump the newly elected U.S president. “no dream is too big, no challenge is too big”.





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