Well Fed Slave

Wed Fed slave…
Late Lucky Dube, during his lifetime did a song with the title ” Well fed slave, Hungry free man”. In the song, he asked ” if you wanna be a well fed slave or a hungry free man?”. which he did to criticize the hardship people are facing in the society.
Taking a clue from the title, I chose to discus it in another dimension. Back then, in my days in highschool I remember, we were restricted from many things, we were like prisoners behind bar.  Though well fed and provided with all that we need, still the insatiability was raging in us. We wanted to go out there, see for ourselves how the world really is.
But when I got to college, things changed. We just felt like birds released from their cages. We were wild, though thought to be tamed. We wanted to explore anything that come our way. To know how they feel or will react if touched.
We observed something, life out there also isn’t easy, though we learnt it the hard way but the initial training we had back then in highschool got us going. Who would have known our fate now had it been we failed to adhere to the rules then.
Just like Lucky Dube, I also ask the same question ” which will you go for A Fed Slave OR A Hungry Free Man?”.
Think wisely before you act.
Live right 👉
Love ❤ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi.


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