Season’s Greetings

Compliments Of The Season With joy 😂 in our hearts, we made come to that time of the year where we celebrate 🙌 the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the redeemer of the world. It will do no one any harm should we celebrate with our neighbours especially the less privileged ones. Extend your … More Season’s Greetings

Well Fed Slave

Wed Fed slave… Late Lucky Dube, during his lifetime did a song with the title ” Well fed slave, Hungry free man”. In the song, he asked ” if you wanna be a well fed slave or a hungry free man?”. which he did to criticize the hardship people are facing in the society. Taking … More Well Fed Slave

In highschool, in sports, I had a coach who told me I was much better than I thought I was, and would make me do more in a positive sense. He was the first person who taught me not to be afraid of failure. —- Mike Kizyzewski Success is achieved and maintained by those who … More