Watch the company you keep and the crowd you bring…

“Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”, “Evil communication corrupts good manners”. These are some of the saying that connotes this title.
Funny enough, a man once said and I quote ” evil communication corrupts good manners but I’m  yet to see where good communication corrects bad manners”. That’s to show how hard it is to do away with bad attitude if contacted.
Nas, the American rapper in one of his songs ” I Can” did mention of how the singing career of a young lady was destroyed. A girl he described as the younger version of Lina Horn but was unable to make it to the top. Why? Because of the people she met, some friends she hung out with which has cost her her singing career.
An adage in Igbo language goes like this ” Oke soro Ngwere ma mmiri, mmiri kọ Ngwere ọgaghị akọ Oke”.
Some people suffers from acts they copied from friends, in which these friends can dispose of but they themselves can’t.
That everyone is doing it doesn’t justifies it to be right. Be careful of the road you follow because not all roads leads to the promise land.
Live right 👉
Love ❤ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi


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