Abstinence: the way forward

Whenever the word “Abstinence” is mentioned, what comes to mind is one of the best protective measures against HIV/AIDS other than being faithful to partners and the use of condoms. Abstaining from sex until one is mature enough to handle what comes with it however is the best measure one can take against AIDS; that’s actually if you  know the point I’m heading to. Well that’s by the way.

To another dimension, Abstinence which I understand to be, means sacrificing ones pleasure for a better cause; forgoing things for better purposes. To save oneself from pain and enrich the life thereafter. Abstaining does not mean that one won’t do or engage in such act till lifetime. No, but a momentary pause of the act. Giving oneself a break to concentrate on better things.

Well, if that could work effectively against a deadly viral disease like HIV/AIDS, it too can also do a better work in managing other life challenging issues. It can help in putting people through to life; changing ones lifestyle to a better one.

This I write because I have been enriched by having had the experience before. I remember during my school days, then, I used to be a movie freak. I was up to date with movies as no one gets to go by without my eyes catching a glimpse of it. And again then, my headphone was just there to serve its purpose of keeping my ears busy whenever my eyes are off the screens. But when it was nearing exams periods, I had to face the business that brought me to school. And that was graduating 🎓 with good grades. Then, I had to disengage myself from every activities that will bring me distraction and cause me not to concentrate. Thereby sidelining my movie gadgets and headphone for those were the options that I had to take. I had to assume that they don’t exist in my world. I took them as strangers and detractor till the exams are over; giving myself that momentary pause which I needed then for my good grades.

I’ve never regretted those acts till date rather I am enjoying its benefits; a better living. It worked for me then and I am sure that it will also do even a better job in some other life situations which we have found ourselves and don’t know how to go about them.

It’s not always that easy to adopt at first but with determination and perseverance, one will hit it. Like I would always tell myself then “abstaining from this for a while won’t kill me neither will it make me less human but rather it will make me stronger and besides it’ll always be there waiting for me to pick it up.” That was me then as it made me better now.

One good thing about this abstinence is that it does help in reducing addiction. In the sense that when one is addicted to something and decides to take a pause for a moment on it, the pleasure gotten from that habit will somewhat reduce thereby derailing its addiction; as one won’t feel that once craving to go for it again.

Like Plato said, “Sacrifice a little to enjoy forever”.

Live right 👉
Love from Onyebuchi Obidimaru



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