Forgive Yourself

Have you found yourself in this situation, where after involving yourself in an incident, actions or What you could have done but you end up feeling bad, wishing you hadn’t done so or involved yourself in the act, wishing you should have taken the other option which should be without a remorse. At that point, your conscience judges you wrong 👎 for allowing such an act take place, for letting yourself so low to engage in the act.

It may be a continuous habit that you incurred for yourself or kind of induced to. Or better still, a right action but done in an  unusual or uncomfortable way that keeps striking you.

You might have done it for pleasure or for reasons best known to you. The repercussion, which is remorse keeps reminding you of your misdeeds. The regret is because you found out that that isn’t the best thing to do or should’ve be done. You suddenly feel yourself being asked these questions- What was that I just did?, Was that really me?, Did I do just do that?, Why did I let that happen?, Why should I have involved myself in such an act?.

I understand the plight. See don’t feel so bad 🙅, it happens. We are all bound to make mistakes in life at one time or the other. But it will be bad if we should allow our mistakes to control us.

Having seen yourself in such a condition and have succeeded in telling yourself “, See this mustn’t continue”, is a bold step that ought to be commended. Having decided to let it be, is a good step that you have taken in getting yourself out of your psychological trauma and trust me that’s a whole lot of points you have made for yourself.

Next, is to forgive yourself and move on. No matter the scar(s) it had or will cause, neglect it and never count it as loss. After all, you have gained from that experience as it’s said that ‘experience is the best teacher’. Next time you won’t follow that path or advise anyone to do as you have done as you have learnt from your misdeeds.

There’s nothing worth more than living happily compared to a life of a troubled mind. Going out with a good facial expression but inside of you, you are anguishing in regrets. It’s so bad. Just forgive yourself and move on with your life.

Remember time waits for no one to settle all his debts. It keeps moving. Life must go on.

Live right 👉.
Love ❤ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi.




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