It’s been God….

Birthday 🎂 special..
It’s 18th June and again the hour hand of my life’s clock has just ticked. Thank God for my family 👪 and the people I met when the minute hand of the clock ticked.
For all the seconds the clock ticked He’s been there. His love mercies and grace has been the driving force, even when I turn aside to go my own way, his hands always got me intact.
Not minding my selfish and egocentric self, He has been there through thick and thin, keeping me safe under His shadow.
Looking back to the point where I used to be, I shake my head because I know that it’s not the efforts I put to work or the prayers 🙏 I made.. It’s only His doing…It’s been God…
Happy birthday 🎂 to me, myself and I…
Lord bless my newly found age…


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