I guess you don’t know this about love…

We always tends to say this word ‘Love’. Only if we actually knew what it meant. From what I have seen and heard, I can’t say we do because had it been we do this world wouldn’t be as it is now. Think of a world where love truly exist, there wouldn’t be attacks or actions threatening the existence of other citizens.
In case you don’t know, LOVE is associated with the symbol ❀ heart. That’s to say that when we say or render any service in the name of love it ought to be from our hearts and not for eye service as we do in our today’s world.
In our different worship places, we are preached to love our creator. But the truth still remains that we can’t say that we love God when we hate the things he created (our fellow human).
Love as we all know is never selfish, greedy, pompous and boastful. It doesn’t takes malice or act to hurt another. It doesn’t grudge, all on its mind is letting go of the wrongs done to it. It’s always patience, kind and helpful, always there to assist in the time of need. Love doesn’t discriminate neither does it practice nepotism and favoritism. It accepts everyone the way they are.It might interest you also to know that love never relents in being good. That’s not the sign of weakness because it’s a known fact that Love is strong πŸ’ͺ. It corrects wrongs without abusing the wrongdoer. Besides it doesn’t condone evil.
Whenever you think or say Love, always remember sacrifice. I say this because love can’t exist without sacrifice. When one loves, he or she is always ready to fore go some things so that the other party (the loved) won’t be in wanting. Persons who love most times live so that people can also live with them. They sometimes if the need arises, die πŸ’€ so that persons they love can live. That’s the sacrifice they make for love ❀ either to live or die so persons they love can live.
One interesting thing about true love ❀ is that it’s always forgiving. Like it’s earlier stated it doesn’t count wrongs done to it. You can’t love anyone who you grudge on and you can’t forgive someone who you don’t love. That’s to say that love and forgiveness go hand βœ‹ in hand βœ‹. They’re together, you can’t do without the other.
Like the popular flicker “love makes the world go round”. Staying in Love is the best thing that can happen to anyone. I urge you, not excluding myself to βœ”Just Do It for Love this time around so as to have a more better place for all to live happily.
Live right πŸ‘‰.
Love ❀ from Obidimaru Onyebuchi.


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