I Did It For You

In the spirit of this Lenten season, I decided to give out this…


Not minding your sinful nature, I came down to salvage you. I started by forgiving your transgressions, since then i have never left you to be in want.
Off all these, you still turned against me, betrayed me and even gave me out to be crucified.
You can’t deny it because your words, thoughts, acts and things you failed to do  are there as witnesses against you.
You and your friends were raw at me. I was exchanged for a traitor was striped by the flogging I got from you. You even spat at my face, made a  crown of thorns for me to be cajoled.
You saw my weak bones, yet you gave me a heavy cross to carry, upon it you continued to beat me making me to fall thrice on the rocky hill you forced me to go. Hope you saw the pain in my eyes 👀 when I saw my mother.
Not minding all these pains you inflicted on me, I still accepted to do it because of the love I have for you and your friends.
This love I have for you  made me to the cross up to the hill where you forgot of my Good deeds to you. You stripped me of my clothing and shared it among yourselves yet you even have the guts to nail me to the cross I Took up for you.
Ok I understood that was my fate. Still on the cross you nailed me to, I asked for water and you served with vinegar because of your selfishness. Oh ” it’s finished” I shouted and passed out.
When you looked up to the cross where you crucified me and saw that I had passed away from the pains you inflicted on me, to make sure I never came  back you drew out your spear and pierced my sides.
That was how you paid me back for the love and care I showered on you. Well I forgive you “go and sin no more”.



Live right

Love from Obidimaru Onyebuchi



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