I adapted this title from a chapter in the HANDBOOK OF THE LEGION OF MARY. So i choose to modify it my own way.

Obstacles can be hurdles you have to jump, a window or door you must open, a load you have to carry, a book you ought to read,persons or objects that stands in your way and makes it hard for you to progress to the next step of a course or journey that you have embarked on.

Obstacles aren’t bad. They help in adding flavour to life and helps us to savour life. According to Joshua J. Marine, “challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful”.
Just as i read from a friend’s post that BEING PERFECT CAN BE SO BORING, which implies that going through a course without obstacles/hitches does makes it look like a one man’s show and makes it seems to be of lesser value.

Obstacles can be so inspiring and motivating. When one overcomes a challenges, he will be so motivated to move further and to explore more.

In life, challenges are what makes or mar us. It only depends on us to make the decision of which track to follow.

Stumbling blocks are bound to be on the way to success, all i can encourage you to do is to ;
Don’t be deterred
Don’t be discouraged
Don’t give up
Keep faith and continue going for there will always be light at the end of a tunnel.
For there won’t be a crown of glory if there wasn’t a cross to prefix it..
There will be obstacles on the way of starting of which can be beneficial.

Live right,
Love from Obidimaru Onyebuchi.


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